Carbon Positive tree planting

15193571_1189741901113149_3322451953184930615_n.jpgWho thought you could be that happy carrying a bucket of dirt on your head? 

Our Carbon Positive tree planting program is completed for the year, with the last 100 trees (out of 230) planted by our fantastic team!

This scheme plants 5 trees per person to compensate for students’, teachers’ and management’s international airtravel and local carbon footprint in Nepal. The trees also contribute to strengthening the local ecosystem by protecting the stream, offering shelter and food to birds, reptiles and insects.

These dedicated interns have not only completly embrased the spirit of Giving Back and giving back to Nature, but also learnt truely how to be thankful. – And how to work hard with very basic means. Like millions of people are forced to do everyday in the developing world.

Our biggest thanks and love to the students @realgymnasiet and the team @theroyalbeachcamp.



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